Situations arise when a tree must be removed. A tree may die, be infected with emerald ash borer, become hazardous or may be positioned in a poor location. A consultation with one of our friendly professionals will help you determine the best course of action for your specific situation.

No tree is too big. Large and difficult to manage trees are our specialty.


Trees are an important part of our community that require long term planning and care. Trees are living organisms that play a vital role in the air quality in our communities.

Regular maintenance is crucial in protecting your trees from injury and decline, while ensuring structural safety and proper form.

Our goal is to:

-Improve appearance and shape

-Prolong the life of your trees

-Promote healthy and regulated growth

-Remove potentially hazardous growth over your roof, eaves, power line, cars and gardens/yards

-Lower risk of storm damage by reducing wind resistance and increasing strength


A stump left behind in a landscape can often become troublesome. Not only can it be an eye sore, the remaining wood can become a sanctuary for pests, disease and decay that can harm other life within your landscape.


Living on the lake can provide you with the comfort and beauty that cannot be found in the city. A lot of our lake front properties are filled with beautiful trees. To fully enjoy your lake front vista these trees need to be maintained in a way that allows you take in the breath taking views while maintaining healthy tree growth.

Our trained professionals are experts in creating the work of art that your lake view has the potential of being, while increasing your properties value and appearance.